Plan your next steps

15.30 - 17.35

Invited speakers from various fields will share their knowledge by workshops and talks. The purpose of this section is to prepare undergraduate and graduate students of CSD for their next steps after graduation. For instance, to prepare for an interview, or how to build an attractive CV etc. Presenters of this section will have a talk for about 20 minutes and 5 minutes for questions. Presenters should send via email to their presentation and some personal information until 1st of October. Presentation should be in PDF format. Personal information should contain a small CV [150 - 200 words], a photograph, and a link to their website/LinkedIn profile.

15.30 - 15.55

Name: Konstantinos Vassakis
Title: Do you have a business idea? The Lean Way for taking it off!
Description: Business ideas are great and make us want getting started right away. But are we ready ? And what does "getting started" mean ? Through this presentation, the essentials for getting started transforming your ideas into start-up businesses in an efficient way will be revealed !
Slides in PDF.

15.55 - 16.20

Name: Dimitris Tsingos
Title: A practitioner's account of how conventional wisdom often fails in the world of tech entrepreneurship and few pertinent lessons learned.
Description: We have all heard that the chances of a tech startup's success are quite low; actually most startups (>> 90%) fail miserably, regardless of being very well funded and equipped with quite talented engineering, marketing and business teams. In this talk we shall try to focus on "conventional wisdom" and why following it can be among the primary reasons for this unacceptably high failure ratio. Firmly believing that startup entrepreneurship, and, in accordance to that, early-stage investing does not have to resemble to gambling, we shall discuss lean startup, agile project management and customer development as fundamental approaches seemingly contradictory to conventional wisdom but actually effective in developing tech businesses to last and to scale.
Slides in PDF.

16.20 - 16.45

Name: Natasa Panigyraki
Title: Tips on getting THE job; CV building, LinkedIn use, interview prepping
Description: In this session, I’ll be giving practical advice on how to build a CV according to the job you’re interested in, how to create a professionally appealing LinkedIn profile and how to prepare yourself for a job interview -in Greece or abroad. Have you got what it takes? Feel free to bring along a copy of your CV if you need extra handy hints on making it successful!
Slides online.

16.45 - 17.10

Name: Nikolaos Moraitakis
Title: Startup Europe initiative
Description: Startup Europe is an initiative of the European Commission designed to connect startups, investors, accelerators, entrepreneurs, corporate networks, universities and the media through an array of networks. Furthermore, it intends to connect local startup ecosystems around Europe and enhance their capacity to invest in other markets.
Startup Scaleup initiative
The Startup Scaleup initiative is based on a communication from the European Commission which two main objectives are:
  • to remove barriers to scaling up in the single market with ecosystem building projects;
  • to develop networking opportunities, enhancing the startup ecosystem - by connecting clusters, people, and local ecosystems across Europe.
The initiative also includes activities to help startups finding international outreach. Through the One Stop Shop, startups and ecosystem builders have easy access to all the funding services and other support offered at EU level.
Slides in PDF.

17.10 - 17.35

Name: Manolis Surligas
Title: Git Workshop: Maintain your code in large projects/professional environments
Description: This workshop will focus on code organization and maintenance, with the help of the Git versioning system. We will discuss best practices and gotchas that allow easy collaboration on large scale projects, minimizing the time spent on resolving conflicts and blocking dependencies. Last but not least, we will discuss how we can exploit the Gitlab continuous integration and delivery services, to easily test and deploy our code.
  • The workshop will briefly cover the Git basic commands. Some familiarity with the Git tool is required.
  • The workshop will be performed in an interactive way. If you want to participate a GitLab account is necessary.

Slides in PDF.