13.45 - 15.00

Companies from the Computer Science field will be in booths/desks during the coffee break, between 13:45-15:00. Each company will present its working field, will be able to provide feedback on and/or accept CVs etc. Attendees are encouraged to bring a CV and prepare a LinkedIn account.

Name: DeepLab
Description: At Deeplab we design and implement custom machine-learning solutions, human-computer interfaces, and data analytic frameworks. We deal with sensors and data captured or streamed in by cameras, mobile phones and wearables, and build systems that learn, recognize, classify, detect, perform analysis and extract valuable information content.
Can one apply machine learning on multitudes of data from high-tech sensors to create custom solutions, meeting real, actual every-day needs? We respond “yes”, by focusing on your specific needs; based on our team, expertise and core technologies, we offer state-of-the-art solutions as described in our services. Check the provided use-cases, or ask for a new solution.
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Name: channelVAS
Description: Channel VAS is the premium Fintech provider of Mobile Financial Services, Airtime Credit & Airtime Advance Services, Handset Loans and Big Data Analytics, all through cutting edge proprietary analytics tools. Having provided credit to over 650 million people in 2018, Channel VAS has exceeded the $1.5 Billion mark in credit in 2018 and is currently crediting $5 million per day globally. We are currently working with over 27 MNOs in over 30 countries and continue to expand to new markets globally.
We provide the best of breed technology and means to improve people’s daily lives, delivering financial inclusion by utilizing big data, credit analysis and a unique human-centric customer experience. Leveraging the benefits of Fintech, we ensure convenience and accessibility to financial services for everyone. As a social enterprise, our vision is to lead the global economic and social development through financial inclusion for all.
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Name: ORamaVR
Description: Our vision is to change current medical education through Virtual Reality (VR). We transform healthcare outcomes with cutting edge science.
Inspired from 19th century geometric algebra, 20th century “12 principles of animation” and as a spin-off of FORTH-ICS, we developed the fastest character interpolation engine and rapid prototyping action software patterns for multi-player, co-op featuring multiple users, analytics engine with cloud-based user assessment, gamified rapid prototyping based on Geometric Algebra, educational curriculum enhancing knowledge and skills, and semantic representation of medical operations.
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Name: Tom Sawyer
Description: Tom Sawyer Software is the leading provider of software and services that enable organizations to build highly scalable and flexible graph and data visualization and analysis applications. These applications are used by enterprises, systems integrators, technology providers and government agencies to discover hidden patterns, complex relationships, and key trends in large and diverse datasets.
Global 2000 customers use our platform to visualize and analyze social networks; network topologies and IT operations; architectures and models; schematics and maps; and dependencies, flows, and processes. We help organizations federate and integrate their data from multiple sources and build the graph and data visualization applications that are critical to gaining insight and driving operational excellence.
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Name: NovelTech
Description: The company was founded in September 2005 in Crete, and is a member of the Science and Technology Park (STEPC), and keeps a permanent office in STEPC premises. The company has a proven background in the delivery of Internet and mobile solutions, with a particular emphasis in the integration with existing back-end IT systems. Our current customers include over 40 municipal and regional authorities in Greece, Universities, Private Companies, and a number of professional associations.
The company operates in both the private and public sectors, and has implemented a wide range of complex projects. Currently underway is the development of an international network of business partners to promote and resell company products. We are looking for value-adding collaboration opportunities with international partners in the context of our products. These products, developed fully in-house, can be either licensed or delivered as managed IT services. Moreover, APIs offer flexibility for integration with existing IT systems and opportunities for developing new solutions to address business opportunities.
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Name: Netmechanics
Description: Netmechanics LLC is a leading Information technology company since 2008.
We design and develop projects ranging from simple websites to complex information systems of the highest standards and expectations.
We are specializing in e-shop development, mobile applications (Windows, Android, iOS) and web applications that handle multiple resources, with ability to network with 3rd party systems, offering unlimited possibilities of functionality and seamless operation for our clients.
We take on the complete strategic planning, digital market analysis, targeting and execution of digital marketing campaigns, in order to increase your revenues, introduce your products and services to new markets and increase your market share.
Our team is comprised of highly educated and specialized personnel. We constantly invest in education and learning, so that we can offer the highest possible level of services.
Our vision is to create cutting-edge applications and services through the latest technology, aiming for a long term and fruitful co-operation with our customers.
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Name: Gnosis DA
Description: Founded in 2013, Gnosis Data Analysis (Gnosis DA) is a University of Crete spin-off located in Heraklion, Crete, Greece.
Our mission: empowering companies and research institutions with powerful data analysis solutions and services.
Our personnel has a long experience in advanced statistics and machine learning, particularly in Predictive Analytics and Causal Analysis.
Predictive analytics: trends hidden in the data can predict the future evolution of markets, sale or more. Mathematical modelling and machine learning unveils these trends and enable prediction.
Causal Analysis: predicting what will happen is often not enough; sometimes the goal is to control future events. Discovering causal relationships in your data through causal analysis enables targeted interventions.
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Name: NetData
Description: We’re building the future of distributed systems health monitoring and performance troubleshooting.
Now Netdata is used by hundreds of thousands of people at organizations like Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Nvidia. We’re building simple and powerful tools that help developers, system administrators, and DevOps engineers learn and be more productive with every passing second. We’re building the perfect fit for every headless system in the world.
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Name: Sunlight
Description: has built the fastest commercially available Hyper-Converged Infrastructure platform in the world and aims to redefine high performance cloud and virtualization. Having operated in stealth mode for a number of years, is now transforming the market with a suite of products suited to on-premise enterprise infrastructure, in the cloud via AWS baremetal services and at the edge for remote resource constrained environments.
The Sunlight Enterprise Software Platform is a hyper-converged infrastructure system optimized to provide the highest performance IO for both networking and storage traffic to and from tenant Virtual Machines (VMs). It is built on top of the Sunlight NexVisor next generation hypervisor stack providing a whole new paradigm in virtual IO performance.
Backed by significant private equity investment, is headquartered in Cambridge, UK with group companies around the world, including the US and Greece. The Sunlight leadership team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from enterprise application virtualization, cloud services, networking and embedded systems development. The company is further backed by a world class team of engineers, with expertise in low level hardware design, firmware/drivers, hypervisors, storage and network IO, cloud management/orchestration and web UI technologies.
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Name: Forthnet
Description: Forthnet is the company that first introduced internet and pay-TV in Greece. Today it is a top provider of bundled home entertainment and communication services across the country. Using cutting-edge technologies and taking advantage of its highly skilled executives’ expertise, Forthnet, by continually strengthening its multiplay strategy, offers a wide range of Pay-TV, broadband internet and fixed telephony services under the brand Nova to home users, enterprises and public bodies. Forthnet has 1.100 employees, operates a network of 100 stores in 55 cities across Greece and provides services to more than 40.000 middle/large-scale companies while serving 16% of the Greek households.
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Name: Openichnos
Description: Openichnos is an energy autonomous global monitoring IoT gateway, realising the Connected Yacht.
Openichnos uses cutting-edge technology to provide a complete monitoring solution for the global yacht industry. With Openichnos, the asset owner/fleet manager is able to monitor remotely and in real time their boat's location, instruments’ status and weather conditions through the data received from the yacht’s sensors.
Both the hardware and software are built end-to-end in house, turning our solution into a fully customizable and expandable product.
With Openichnos, boat owners and fleet managers are able to:
  • Manage their high valued assets remotely, accurately and efficiently
  • Reduce their maintenance costs
  • Minimize their risks
  • React instantly to keep safe both their assets and people on board.

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Name: Cytech Mobile
Description: Cytech is a mobile software provider that develops mobile solutions using innovative technology to solve today’s business challenges. Since 2001, Cytech has been active in the Mobile Messaging, Marketing and Payments Software market, in Greece but mainly abroad. The company provides their clients with expertise in the software area, to assist in creating and exploiting new business opportunities. They are a one-stop mobile software powerhouse, with complete solutions for mobile messaging, marketing and payments, mobile applications and sites. The aim since day one has been to develop and deliver pioneering services of the highest quality, in order to fulfil their customers’ needs. In order to achieve that, Cytech bases their software development process on state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies like Scrum, Continuous Integration, Automated Testing and Static Code analysis. To ensure customers’ satisfaction, Cytech always provides support for its products, via dedicated support personnel, whose primary concern is answering customers’ requests wit top priority. Cytech has partners and customers in 15 countries starting from Kenya and Ghana to Thailand and Australia. Its high-quality software platform called mCore supports more than 1 billion transactions per year in the field of mobile messaging and marketing as well as payments.
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Name: Yodeck
Description: Yodeck provides a complete cloud service for managing screen content. Imagine any fixed screen that you have seen playing back content; promotional videos inside corporate offices, video ads in the subway, flight info in airports, data dashboards in IT departments, outdoor digital billboards. Anything that you can imagine being shown on a screen can be managed through Yodeck centrally and remotely, by just adding one Player to each screen and connecting it to the Internet.
With tens of thousands of Players deployed and more than 2500 customers all over the world (including brands like Delta Airlines, Autodesk, Adobe, Domino's, Deloitte and Swissport), we continuously evolve our platform to deliver an exceptional service, doubling our revenue and headcount every year. Our mission is to make Digital Signage accessible so that anyone in the world can take advantage of advanced technology to improve the way they do business and communicate, no matter their size or budget.
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Name: STEP-C
Description: Science and Technology Park of Crete (STEP-C) was established in 1993 by the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH), one of the largest Research Organizations in the country.
The Park has a total 4000 sq.m. of floor space with more than 100 offices and 12 labs, accommodating small technological and service companies in two buildings, at a privileged physical location, nearby Heraklion. The presence of FORTH and its laboratories, as well as, the University Hospital and the new University of Crete campus, is an advantage since there is a high concentration of scientists and research laboratories in the area which are able to provide technological support to start-up companies.
STEP-C is a member of the International Association of Science Parks (IASP).
The Park is managed by the Management Company of STEP-C (EDAP S.A.)
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The European exchange programme for Entrepreneurs is a program currently run by STEP-C. Find out more here.
Name: Sphynx Technology Solutions
Description: We provide customised and continuous security and privacy assessment solutions, covering the full range of socio technical aspects of modern enterprise, for internal risk management and/or external security audit and certification. Our solutions are based on our novel security assurance and certification platform and its advanced analytics and cyber intelligence.
What we do: We develop customised security and privacy assurance and risk management solutions for clients. We work on several externally and internally funded R&D projects to enhance the capabilities of our products. We have a special focus in the healthcare, telecoms and energy sectors. We leverage on security analytics, big data and IoT technologies.
What we look for: Hard working, motivated, and creative thinking minds. Strong technical background in the technologies of our focus. Comprehensive interpersonal communication skills and ability to work with clients in diverse industries.
What we offer: Competitive remuneration based on experience and qualifications. Dynamic and multi cultural work environment. Exposure to cutting edge technologies. Internal training and training through secondments to our academic collaborators.
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